Thursday, December 20, 2007

Bolivia's New Constitution

Preamble (Personal Translation)

In times immemorial mountains rose, rivers moved, lakes formed. Vegetation and flowers covered our amazon, chaco, altiplano, planes, and valleys. We inhabited this sacred Mother Earth with different faces and since then have understood the genuine plurality of all things and our diversity as beings and cultures. Our people embodied as such, we never understood racism until suffering from it since the disasterous times of colonialism.

The Bolivian people, of plural composition, since the depths of history, inspired by the struggles of the past, in the indigenous anticolonial uprisings, in the independence, in the popular struggles of liberation, in the union, social, and indigenous marches, in the water and October wars, in the struggles for land and territory, and with the memory of our martyrs, build a new State.

A State based in respect and equality between all, with the principles of sovereignty, dignity, complimentarity, solidarity, harmony, and equity in the distribution and redistribution of social product, where the search to 'live well' predominates; with respect for the economic, social, judicial, political, and cultural plurality of the inhabitants of this land; in collective coexistence with access to water, work, education, health, and housing for all.

We leave behind the past colonial, republican, and neoliberal State. We assume the challenge of history to collectively construct the Plurinational Communitarian Unitary State of Social Right, that makes up and articulates the propositions advanced to make a Bolivia, democratic, productive, bearing and inspiring peace, engaged in integral development and free determination of peoples.

We, mothers and men, by the means of the Constituent Assembly and with the originary power of the people, declared our compromise with unity and integrity of the country.

Fulfilling the mandate of our people, with the strength of our Pachamama and thanks to God, refounded Bolivia.

Honor and glory to the martyrs of the constituent and liberating motions that have made possible this new history.

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