Sunday, December 09, 2007

That's all Folks

CPE approved!

Through the night and morning the CA convened in Oruro approved the new constitution, article by article with 165 delegates present of 255 - not a absolute 2/3 of 170. PODEMOS boycotted, but UN (center-right) participated, I am assuming most of MNR boycotted as well. All articles were approved with 2/3 of those present except, guess what, the definition of latifundio (illegally extensive land hold), ugh- more work for devin. The civic committees of the "media luna" plus Sucre have, as expected, rejected the text as "illegal" and claim they will declare defacto autonomy on the 14th, as they have been saying they will do since the 6th of August. Not as radical a move as you might think considering the text recognizes their autonomy, and they may get a surprise if indigenous groups like the Guarani declare their "defacto autonomy" as well- oops, "we didn't mean indios when talked that whole autonomy business". Basically all this means is that the CA is effectively finished (without the near taint of bloodshed in Sucre) and everything moves to referendum next year, a super vote that will likely include referendums on the Presidency and departmental governors as well- just throwing everything on the table. Real discussion in the CA has been dead for months and the quicker the move on the better in my opinion- I'm sure the Right would have liked the stay and continue debate (maybe about whether Oruro should be the capital or whether indigenous people should count as four-fifths of a person) until kingdom come. There really wasn't much to discuss and talk over even when I left, it all just needed to move on, find an exit. I am sure all of the delegates in MAS and allying parties are happy to be done with it all, most were already on the disillusioned side when I left three months ago.

The Right and "media luna" will talk big talk in the coming days, hold rallies, but with the referendum coming, and conservative governors asses on the line in it as well, I doubt anything spectacular will happen- like secesionist civil war, a coup, roadblocks, violent clashes, but who knows- maybe the CIA? Sucre has disgraced itself before the whole country (who the fuck else gives a shit about them being the capital besides delusional conservatives?) and will not soon recover before others eyes, or mine. I honestly think this super referendum business is the smartest move MAS and Evo have done in a while, given the divisions over the CA (central to the MAS overall political project), it is fair and democratic! to put the entire government, and conservative local governors on the other side, along with the CPE before the people for approval. Imagine Bush and Democrats doing something like this over their contentious legislation and actions, "huh? democracy, voting, people, what?". Well, given all the fighting and drama over this new text, it actually isn't that radical, a pretty tame document.

Well, that was a well deserved rant- hope its readable.

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