Sunday, December 02, 2007

Through the Fascist Mirror

These are some contemporary political cartoons from Bolivia, a window into the conservative opposition's world view.

Right: "Yes, My journalist friends, we are finishing our constitutional project" Left(CA President Silvia Lazarte): "Ya, yes, ya, I see comrade Chavez! yea.."

God only knows an uneducated chola like Silvia Lazarte and other masistas are totally incapable of independent thought, taking their orders from Hugo Chavez as Bolivia becomes a colony of his communist tyranny.

Leading Evo away from Chavez: "No! Bad example, no!"

We all know indios are children in need of guidance.

Reporter: "What do you think of this frank interference by Chavez?" Evo's mouth stuffed with "Venezuelan petro-dollars"

Yup, Evo is just a stooge of Chavez- and all of his supports (the majority of Bolivians) are just being bought off or sold lies. Bolivia's true patriots know instead to take money from USAID, National Endowment for Democracy and the CIA.

Silvia Lazarte: "I have the power(accented), the power!" Paint roller: Article 6 Modification allowing her to convene the Asamblea Constituyente outside of Sucre.

Yeah, MAS' desire to convene the CA outside of Sucre is because those ignorant indios are mad with power. It couldn't have anything to do with violent student youth gangs supported by business civic leaders harassing and assaulting assembly delegates in the streets.

Silvia Lazarte: "Brothers and Sisters we now have the new constitution approved in full!"

That's right, the Constitution approved with language written in compromise with the center-right despite conservative parties boycotting the vote as violent mobs, uh, peaceful protesters assaulted police guarding the CA's refuge outside of Sucre with dynamite, Molotov cocktails, burning tires, and small arms, is a 'pact with death' meant to decentralize power and fully recognize indigenous rights after 500 years of marginalization and discrimination... I mean implement a genocidal "indian revenge" against white and mestizo people under Evo's tyrannical rule.

Yeah, Santa Cruz Autonomy! raise that swastika... I mean cross.

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