Monday, May 12, 2008

Al Jazeera on Bolivia, "Inside USA" Part 1

Al Jazeera, through its "Inside USA" program with Avi Lewis (Naomi Klein's husband), recently put together a decent program on Bolivia. I like how they actually interview Bolivians- what a journalistic concept!

The best portion of the first part is the "debate" at the end between your typical opposition PODEMOS senator and, well known bad ass, Silvia Rivera in which Silvia puts PODEMOS (GOP talking points) bullshit in its place.

In the second part (below), I found it interesting how they spliced in an interview with Afroperuvian NYC rapper Immortal Technique. For me, he is representative of a new kind of Pan-American consciousness that could have real impacts in the future. It was also nice to see the ponchos rojos not pigeon holed as the "Andean Taliban". (Link-Part Two)

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