Sunday, June 29, 2008

Bolivia's Shame

Today in Chuquisaca's Prefect replacement election, following the previous MAS Prefect's resignation in the face of the divisive Pro-Sucre Capital movement, Sabina Cuellar (above) won the departmental election as the candidate of the Pro-Sucre "Inter-institutional Committee". The definition of an Uncle Tom, the ex-MAS constituyente, Sabina joined the Inter-institutional Committee whose militant activists include the Falange Socialista Boliviana and is allied with the Media Luna, officially because she broke with MAS over the issue of returning the capital back to Sucre (an untenable proposal, dead on arrival).

Apparently watching her former fellow masistas being assaulted by "univesrity youth" in the streets late 2007, graffiti referring to indigenous delegates as "aborted Llamas", and the outrageously racist events of May 24th straight out of the days of colonialism never caused this Indian women to rethink her relationship with her new found friends. Of course the leadership of the Inter-institutional Committee, headed up by the corrupt university rector Jaime Barron, is only too happy to put a native face on their racist movement. This is reactionary political manipulation and opportunism of the highest order.

To highlight these guys commitment to "democracy and liberty", on the eve of the election, when a documentary by the renowned Bolivian and sucreno director Cesar Brie, "Humillados y Ofendidos" about the May 24th violence was supposed to be aired on Bolivian television, the city's transmission cables were cut, a doc previously censored by Sucre's broadcasters. Jaime Barron blamed the government, claiming they were attempting to create an excuse for "canceling the election". It only makes sense then that two student members of the "Local University Federation" were detained outside the Departmental Electoral Court with 27 dynamite detonators, whom the government claims were sought immediately released by opposition PODEMOS party bosses.

The western press is naturally reading these developments as a victory for a "growing autonomy movement seeking to decrease the power of the central government". On that note, Vice President Garcia Linera challenged the Media Luna Prefects to demonstrate that their illegal autonomy referendums weren't complete shams by bringing out that "80 percent" support in the upcoming recall referendum.


Bina said...

I'm embarrassed to share a first name with this woman. I wonder how much the State Dept. paid her to turncoat like that. (I know they bribed a certain Venezuelan ex-defence minister to the tune of more than 1.2 million dollars...)

Boim Lebon said...

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