Monday, June 16, 2008

Hope he bought a one way ticket

The recently appointed US Ambassador to Bolivia (his previous stint was in Pristina, Kosovo), Philip Goldberg has been called back to Washington, DC to discuss "security" issues after last weeks protest ("How soon can we move the secret US military base in Paraguay to the independent Republic of Santa Cruz?"). The State Department is "concerned" that Bolivia is not serious about protecting the fortress like US Embassy in La Paz (AFP, also photo source), they only tear gassed a protest of thousands of their own citizens to keep rocks and firecrackers from blotching the Embassy's walls. Instead of getting pissy about having to pay for a new paint job, it might be more useful to ask what might have enraged such a crowd, like I don't know, giving "political asylum" to former Bolivian Defense Minister Carlos Sanchez Berzain wanted for the politically motivated murder of over 60 people and hundreds wounded in the 2003 El Alto 'Gas War'.

Somehow I doubt Goldberg will be discussing any of this in DC or any of his other recent douchbaggery like that time his Embassy was asking Fulbright scholars and Peace Crop volunteers to spy for them, or when he was photographed in Santa Cruz chumming it up with local business men and a then fugitive Colombian criminal, and why USAID is channeling funds to the conservative opposition. Or maybe he will.


Otto Rock said...

They have fugitive criminals in US universities, or is that a typo dude?

Hey...happens to all of us ;-)

El Duderino said...

thanks, what can I say its a blog.

Bina said...

Next up, Goldberg will probably pressure Evo to re-open the CIA office in the palace. Or he'll be replaced by John Negroponte, who will do the same.