Sunday, June 08, 2008

Human Rights Foundation is full of it

The Human Rights Foundation, founded in 2005 to counter the biases of such disreputed human rights groups "undermining capitalism" as Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch, has been "observing" human rights developments in Bolivia (HRF Bolivia) as well as putting their stamp of approval on the illegal May 4th Santa Cruz Autonomy vote and their conclusions are as misconstrued as you might expect. Get the full story from Walter Mingolo (Duke U. Lit. Prof) in his critique Racism and Human Rights, thoroughly revealing HRF's blind hypocrisy.

Hat Tip: Bolivia Changes

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Bina said...

Ah, the immortal Thor Halvorsen crops up in regard to Bolivia, too. What an astroturfer he is. Clearly, the only "human rights" that interest him are the "rights" of the oligarchy. Which are not rights at all, but privileges.