Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Leading His People to the Sea!

No, not Moses- but maybe better, Evo Morales may have secured Bolivian access to the sea through Chile! I couldn't believe it either, go to Inca Kola News for details. If this deal pans out, Evo will be elevated to status of living god in Bolivia. And you thought being the first indigenous president, nationalizing natural gas, and convoking the drafting of a new constitution made Evo pretty historic and prestigious. This development alone would be enough to sail Evo through the August 10th recall referendum. If you don't believe me, you don't know Bolivia.


Bina said...

Reminds me of his appearance on Jon Stewart's show. Stewart listed all the promises he'd kept over the first year of his reign alone, and they were whoppers. Then, the punchline: "Just what are you trying to pull?"

I think he's pulled off a COUP, is what he's been trying to pull...

I mean, w00t!

Otto Rock said...

Notice how the good news has been picked up NOT by he Englishmedia?

60% Evo Aug 10? All it'll need is a convoy of trucks zipping through and photos of Chilean customs officers saluting the Bolly flags on the sides, and laydees and gennlemen, we....have...a...winnah.

Seriously, this is excellent news for both Bolivia and Chile. Long may they talk.

Bina said...

It was his dimples, I tell ya. His dimples sealed the deal.

BTW, Bolivia and Paraguay have also been tightening diplomatic ties of late. And it looks to get a whole lot cozier all around the Bolivarsphere, too, because Lugo just went to Venezuela. Double w00t!