Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Not forgetting any time soon

It was recently revealed through the Bolivian press that the United States may have granted "political asylum" to the butchers of Black October so yesterday Alteños (residents of El Alto) made their displeasure felt down the hill at the La Paz US Embassy. AP surprisingly wrote an informative, balanced, and factually correct story. What's stopping them from doing it the rest of the time? Also informative, as always, is the Andean Information Network piece.


In typical patronizing fashion the US Embassy in Bolivia today stated they "regretted the 'violence' staged Monday by the protesters", (Xinhua) and "'respect all the democratic and pacific manifestations,' but Monday's incidents went to the contrary. 'We reaffirm that our wish is to improve the bilateral relations with Bolivia on the basis of mutual respect,' the statement said." Yeah, this one is going to go over well in El Alto...

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Bina said...

Funny, eh, how the US EMBASSY "regrets" the violence. Yeah, maybe they SHOULD regret it. Maybe they should also own up to their part in it. It wasn't the demonstrators that started it. Demos are always peaceful until the riot cops show up, and it's not the demonstrators who throw the first blow, either. If it's not a cop in uniform, it's a provocateur planted in the crowd.