Thursday, June 05, 2008

Peru recalls ambassador after Evo states the obvious

(Peruvian President Alan Garcia, left and Evo, well, feeling small)

"The foreign minister said the excessive comments made by the Bolivian president made it difficult for Peru to maintain a friendly diplomatic relationship with Bolivia, adding that President Morales should not interfere with Peru's internal affairs." (Xinhua) My, what serious and ill advised comments were these to drive Alan Garcia's ministers batshit crazy?

Evo: "(in 1989) I was a fan, I was an admirer of Alan Garica, an excellent speaker, anti-imperialist and very thin. Now I see him very fat and not very anti-imperialist." (Inca Kola News) Evo added, "I'm very worried about Alan Garcia."

Evo made the remarks in reference to Peru's acceptance of a bilateral "Free" Trade Treaty with the United States that will likely reap untold damage on Peru's small rural producers (just those indigenous campesino folks no one cares about) while being a member of the Andean Community of Nations (CAN), and that maybe this treaty isn't in the best interests of building a unified Andean trade bloc. In 2006 Venezuela withdrew over Columbia and Peru's plans to accept free trade deals.

I say forget the issue of Peru's membership in CAN, the whole Peruvian nation ought to be worried about Garcia's health. Those ministers need to devise a diet plan, pronto! (Photo-News of the Restless)


The Neither Party said...

Don't worry about his weight--worry about his policies which are intended to destroy SA unity while facilitating continued US attempted dominance of the region. The FTA will impoverish the poor while enriching the elite, and create greater dissent which will be used as an excuse for greater military control.
All SA nations would be well-advised to resist this neo-liberal attempt to make all of SA the 51st USA state.

El Duderino said...

right on, I agree. It was a bit of a joke.

Bina said...

Yep, there's no doubt in my mind...the real reason Evo's worried is HOW Garcia got so pudgy. By being an imperialist, apparently.

Evo is right to be concerned.