Friday, June 13, 2008

Slavery... duhr, poverty?

(Reuters Video Link-"Slavery in Bolivia?")

Our favorite American family, those kidnapping, Injun fighting, and slave holding Larsens are back in the news, this time Dustin Larsen defending against accusations that father and son exploit slave labor. No, "there's no slavery" just, uh... "extreme poverty." This coming from the distinguished graduate of Montana State who called Evo Morales a "symbol of ignorance". Evo may not have a diploma, but he sure can string a sentence together. Rather than ask if the government is cynically using slavery charges to expropriate land maybe Reuters correspondent Deborah Lutterbeck should ask whether the Larsens are trying to exploit western media exposure in order to disingenuously legitimate their less than upstanding acts (criminal charges have been filed) and untenable legal position to claim preeminent land title against constitutionally mandated land reform.


Bina said...

Montana State? Huh. Guess his parents, though big fish in the tiny bowl that is Bolivia, weren't rich enough or connected enough to buy their pretty boy a degree from Hahvud, so they went down a notch. Or several. Because, dang!--I can't think of a single thing Montana State is noted for, other than being in Montana.

Seriously, this uh, um, tumbleweed calls Evo ignorant just because the latter's education was cut short by compulsory military service and other rude interruptions from life? Pot, meet kettle. What color did you say he was again?

raven said...

Evo is good for Bolivia. He does however, need to stay out of other countries policy. Just like every other world leader.

Bina said...

How is he IN other countries' policy? If you're going to level such charges, you had better be more specific.