Saturday, June 21, 2008

Western Press still doesn't believe Fascists exist

Even after they got caught trying to kill Evo!

Inca Kola News beat me again to yet another whooping Bolivian headline, that two men were arrested yesterday on suspicion of plotting to kill the President, Evo Morales. But I've got the picture scoop! Those are the two suspects on the left, Junior Fernando Vaca Méndez and Carlos Yovani Domínguez (ABI). They were found at a Santa Cruz airport prior to Evo's arrival in possession of this rifle, below (ABI). Both are members of the fascist Union Juvenil Crucenista, an activist arm of the leading anti-Evo pro-autonomy organization, the Comite Pro Santa Cruz.

If you ever see these guys, please notify national Bolivian authorities as the local prosecutor in Santa Cruz let them go immediately on "lack of evidence"... please look at that gun again. An action the central government is rightly pissed about and working to correct.

While you can read about the above facts through western press coverage (AP and Reuters), the last facts, of their involvement in the militant, fascist wing of the pro-autonomy movement, darling of the western media, is noticeably missing. I wonder how that got lost in translation? As I've noted before, this omission is a recurring phenomena of western press coverage of Bolivia. What's behind this? Your guess is as good as mine, but I say, if something stinks of fascism, dump it fast!

Machetera blog notes the same here, and tells us what Chavez thinks here.

Sorry, AP did state: "The Interior Ministry, in charge of security, said the two men were members of a conservative Santa Cruz youth group that has led protests against Morales' leftist policies." How innocuous.

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Bina said...

Gee, those kids sure look oppressed and hard-done-by. And so patriotic, too. I guess their willingness to shill for Abercrombie's t-shirt department excuses the fact that they tried to do murder, eh?