Tuesday, July 01, 2008

"Counter Terrrorists Win"

In latest developments on that Yacuiba bombing, Venezuela rebuffed as "baseless" opposition party accusations of their involvement in the incident. While concrete evidence linking the accused bomber Jorge Nava to either the Presidential Palace or Venezuelan Embassy has yet to appear, we can be certain that Nava is a member of Bolivia's "Counterterrorist" force. How do I know? because here are the documents, clear as the light of day. For anyone who knows anything about the history and nature of "counter" terrorism in Latin America, its links to the "Drug War" and United States' military, this revelation should bump your suspicion level about accusations by the opposition of "state terrorism" by Evo up to "Code Red".

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Bina said...

The old question, "cui bono", applies here. Who benefits? Not Evo. Not Evo? Then it's not his puppy. This is just a pathetic bid for sympathy on the part of the oppos for their illegal "referendum". If not, it's almost certainly an indicator of what they intend to do to the government palace if they can get near enough to it.