Saturday, July 05, 2008

Coup Watch Off?

The embattled US ambassador Philip Goldberg came back to Bolivia with his tail between his legs, admitting after a meeting with Bolivian officials that US-Bolivia relations have "problems". Wait, did someone from the US State Department just admit they have problems! Is the sky falling?

Coincidently the next day, the opposition prefects conceded to submitting their offices to the August 10th recall referendum. Like they had a choice in the first place?

About that fishy charge of "state terrorism"? Evo has publicly joined the speculations of this blog in denouncing the Yacuiba bombing as a subversive plot by the opposition using elements of the military to taint his Presidency and justify a golpe de estado. Evo additionally claimed the opposition sought military backing for a coup in 2007. These are not wild accusations, as any observer should remember public calls to the military brass by the opposition prefects, joined together in a "Democratic Junta", to effectively overthrow Evo in June, 2007. The military refused and I don't think they've changed their minds since.

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Bina said...

Heh...the only thing lacking now is for those scummy prefects to admit that their "autonomy" votes were a big, fat sham.

Not, I hasten to add, that the Venezuelan and Bolivian alternative media haven't been doing a terric job of noting it already.

Oh yeah, and if USAID is kicked the hell out of the presidential palace, and all of Bolivia, for good--that would be a REAL coup!