Friday, July 11, 2008

Cuellar gets her English press close up

The English language press finally found an indigenous politician in Bolivia they like, a tia tomasina (uncle tom) willing to sell her soul to racist bigots for the illusion of power (cartoon-La Razon). Chuquisaca's new Prefect, Sabina Cuellar is featured by Reuters as an alternative to Evo, an Indian for the right-wing autonomy movement continually praised by the press. "We have decided to call for a [autonomy] referendum ... once I take office we'll decide when,"...she means when her handlers in the Inter-institutional Committee decide (Sucre's conservative civic committee).

A few instances of cognitive dissonance reading the piece:

1. "Cuellar belonged to [Morales'] Movement Toward Socialism party before leading an opposition coalition that she says is neither left nor right." Correct, why be boxed by this silly right-left continuum? They are just straight up racists sprinkled with fascists. The ignored fact that might help explain why she lost overwhelmingly among indigenous and rural voters. You'd think they'd vote for a fellow companera, hmm...

2. Cuellar then states she improved her Spanish (a native Quechua speaker) last year as a MAS constituyente through a Venezuelan literacy program. At the time, pro-autonomy opposition delegates were shouting down MAS delegates in the Constituent Assembly that elected to speak their native Quechua or Aymara with racial epitaphs, "indios de mierda" (shitty Indian). And now she's joining their ranks? Sold her soul was an understatement.

3. Her handlers obviously haven't explained the party-line in full as she contradicts (without Reuters noticing) the usual line about Evo being an authoritarian dictator when she "says the new constitution that he is pushing will loosen the central government's grip on regional governments, giving the provinces more leeway."

4. As usual Reuters characterizes the violent Pro-Sucre clashes which forced the Constituent Assembly to leave the city as a mere "string of protests". And as they do, the outrageous events of May 24th are simply ignored. Do you see that, zip, wave the magic press wand, and it all just disappears. Pay no attention, the pro-autonomy good guys would never do anything bad...its all the fault of those rotten poor brown savages, we had to do it.

Simply disgusting.


The Neither Party said...

Sabina Cuellar, regardless of the reasons she has switched her allegiances and alliances, is found to be firmly between a rock and a hard place, and she is now in my opinion, in 'muy profundo mierde'.
If she continues in her right-wing ways, she will be totally alienated from her fellow indigenous supporters who will shun her at the very least, and if she flip-flops (again) to re-support MAS, she risks being assassinated by the very Crucenistas-led elite, who first co-opted her and then got her elected.
My only hope for her is that she is an incredibly politically savvy person, who has used her present-day supporters to get her into office, and who will then govern in a manner to benefit all of Bolivia, rather than simply to benefit the elite who are using her to divide Bolivia and continue their rule instead.
No matter what she does, I hope she has the wisdom and foresight to insure that she and her family have the necessary security in hand to prevent the certain threats of violence against her no matter what road she chooses, for those are the rewards of betrayal.

Bina said...

I think she's alienated herself from everybody but the fascists already, John. And just watch...they'll throw her under the bus at the earliest opportunity--such as when HER "autonomy" referendum is proven to be a sham, as all the others have been. They will blame her and distance themselves from her the minute the thing falls apart. Maybe even sooner than that, if she puts a foot wrong...or in her mouth. The indigenous have already seen what bag this cat comes out of, and they're not stupid--of course they won't vote for an Aunt Jemima! They became literate through the same Cuban program that she did, and that means they can read the writing on the wall--literally! And, unlike her, they're not ingrates...or turncoats.

I can't help but be reminded of that old Aesop fable, The Bat, the Birds and the Beasts". Cuellar is definitely the Bat.