Sunday, July 06, 2008

How small is Alan Garcia's member?

Because the Peruvian president seems to have a major inferiority complex.
After recalling his ambassador to Bolivia for a second time after Evo made another astute observation, that the United States is looking to establish a military base in Peru- under the cover of the war on drugs. Garcia responded by saying that Evo ought to "shut up" and now is referring his complaint of Evo's rhetorical "interference" in Peruvian internal affairs to the Organization of American States! As if the rest of Latin America is going to join with Alan and tell that uppity Indian to be quiet. Maybe he is just jealous of Evo's approval rating? This clown is too easy to poke fun at.

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Bina said...

Looks like Evo wasn't shittin' when he called Garcia a fat imperialist. Allowing the US to put a base in Peru sure smells like imperialism to me. I wonder how much they paid him off for the privilege of making Peru's coca(ine) problem worse.

I also wonder, just offhand, how close the Peruvian office of USAID is to the presidential palace. Probably right IN it, if his chatter is any indication. The hand is well up the puppet's considerable ass...