Sunday, July 20, 2008

Just whose "counter" terrorist?

The facts about that Yacuiba bombing allegedly plotted by Evo and those evil Venezuelans just gets shadier by the day.

So it turns out that the counterterrorist unit "F-10" of which the accused bomber Nava is a member, rather than working with Venezuelans were instead trained by the US military. Suprise, Suprise. Here they are with their US trainers in Cochabamba 2005.

Then this photo from 2004 shows up featuring former president Tuto, current leader of the conservative opposition PODEMOS party posing with members of F-10 in Miami which government minister Alfredo Rada claims was taken by accused bomber Nava.

Now Evo is all like, duh. 'These guys are scared of democracy and will even stage bombings to get out of being recalled.' And I bet this all will at least implicitly come up when Evo meets with US Secretary of Hemispheric Affairs tomorrow.

This all really begs the question, just whose terrorists bombed Unitel in Yacuiba?

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Bina said...

And the answer is: Tuto-Fruto! (And his Yanqui handlers!)

And to think some people wonder why Evo decided to pull Bolivia out of the School of the Americas. Y'all can quit wondering now!