Thursday, July 10, 2008

Opposition scaredy cats looking desperate

The Bolivian Presidental and departmenal Prefect recall referendum is fast approaching August 10th. Evo's approval ratings are consistently above the mandate required to pass the vote, but the opposition Prefects have realized their "autonomous" constituents aren't to hot for these racist, corrupt assholes.

So, facing their demise next month, the opposition controlled Senate has decided to propose changing the rules of the recall referendum they originally approved- making 50 percent necessary to approve or recall the President or Prefects rather than the percentages of their originally approved mandates. Evo (whose approval is necessary to make the changes) replied no, and "why are they afraid of the people?"

Opposition Prefect of Cochabamba, Manfred Reyes has decided to stand on his own in unilaterally rejecting his recall. Looks like somebody knows he is going lose. Too bad sucka, your former patron, dictator Hugo Banzer, is dead. This new game is called democracy.

Democracy is something Bolivia's elite "Civic Committees" are likewise not too hot on, so they've accused the government of attempting voter fraud in giving all those formally disenfranchised brown folks ID cards so they can vote. Jeez Evo, doesn't he know "democracy" only works when we let the "right" people vote?

On the bullshit front, the opposition now claims the alleged Yacuiba bomber had a memory stick full of Evo's evil plans to bring about a civil war, involving "special groups" in cooperation with the US DEA. WTF? Did FARC's magic laptop grow wings and fly to Bolivia?

The government's response, bluff called. 'Hey if you've got real evidence, bring it on, and give it to the case prosecutor so these accusations can make it to trail.'

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Bina said...

"Why are they afraid of the people?" --LOL! It's because most of those people look just like Evo, and therefore voted for Evo. And after 500 years of oppression, they're feelin' mighty uppity. The last thing an oligarch wants is an uppity slave-class.