Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Press Funnies

The AP is perplexed as to why Evo's counter narcotics program is more effective than the US "zero coca" policy. Except read down and Kathryn Ledebur of the Andean Information Network tells them straight up, "The U.S. required growers to quit planting coca before they could access alternative development programs, without considering that their families needed to eat. Now the cato guarantees the farmers' income, giving them the chance to take risks with new crops." Oh right, people need to eat. I forgot brown people do that too.
(thanks Bina for the tip)

Bloomberg notes the US and Bolivia are trying to make nice. Apparently it all started when those uppity Indians attacked our Embassy! The locals were mad about some massacre or something, that the murders have "political asylum" in the US, and somehow these Bolivians got the ridiculous idea that USAID is working to subvert their democratic government.

And the remaining justice of the Constitutional Tribunal wants the Recall Referendum to be postponed based on a nonsensical complaint submitted by an opposition congressman. The head of the National Electoral Court replied, yeah you and what quorum? The quorum necessary to make a legitimate ruling, got it? eh, I tried.

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