Friday, July 18, 2008

Remembering a Bolivian Hero

Yesterday was the anniversary of the assassination of one of Bolivia's greatest champions for justice and equality, Marcelo Quiroga Santa Cruz. Marcelo Quiroga was a poet, journalist, statesman, author of Bolivia's second Hydrocarbons nationalization (Evo is the third), and founder of Bolivia's Socialist Party. A political prisoner during the René Barrientos dictatorship, exile during the dictatorship of Hugo Banzer, Marcelo Quiroga was ultimately murdered along with other leaders of the Socialist Party during the "Cocaine Putsch" of 1980, installing strongman Luis García Meza with the open support of drug traffickers, Nazi fugitive Klaus Barbie (a.k.a., Butcher of Lyon), and Italian neofascist veteran of Operation Gladio and Condor, Stefano Delle Chiaie. Unlike what you will read in the press, the true successors to Bolivia's former dictators, drug lords, and Nazi sympathizers are to be found in the current rightwing opposition. Evo Morales' supporters look back on a different historical tradition, found in the likes of men such as Marcelo Quiroga.

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Bina said...

Amazing how, in Latin America, nothing less than murder will stamp out socialism...and even then, it keeps springing back up like a wild plant that some unperceptive soul keeps designating a weed!

Now, if only NORTH American socialists were so brave and tenacious...unfortunately, at the moment, we all seem to have lost our courage for the sake of a mess of junk food.