Friday, July 25, 2008

'The Struggle of a People without Arms'

If you want to understand what the big picture behind recent political maneuvers and tactics of Bolivia's conservative opposition you would do well to watch Patricio Guzman's master piece, La Batalle de Chile documenting a successful golpe de estado. The three part film is one the most complete records of the final months of Salvador Allende's presidency, brilliantly capturing Chile's political and social dynamics leading up to the coup.

I was only able to find parts one and two online and apologies to English readers, they are without subtitles.

Part 1: La insurrección de la burguesía

Part 2: El golpe de estado

Part 3: El Poder Popular (missing)

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Bina said...

This is not only going on in Bolivia, but in Venezuela too...and I'll bet in Ecuador. Anywhere a progressive is in power, the State Dept. makes trouble by stirring up the upper classes against a legitimate leader. It's just like night following day...

You'd think, though, after all this time, that they'd come up with new ways to do it. They must really think Latin Americans have no memories.