Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Why the Oligarchs need Evo

So, that brown-skinned Bolshevik, Evo can't seem for even one minute to hold his tongue of tyrannical hatred against the freedom fighter opposition, our last best hope for saving Bolivia from a future genocide of slave-labor gulags and injun cannibalism. So dedicated to resurrecting Pol Pot's corpse, Evo even recently stated that he is "afraid of a revolution"... Huh, wait... what?

Yup that's right, Evo explained just how stupid the conservative opposition is for wishing/plotting his demise. Because if you think this democratic and constitutional government is unbearably cramping your money and power grubbing style, you've got another thing coming from the Bolivian people, totally fed up with this kleptocratic bunch. And the end results might not be sightly, from anyones perspective. So, the safe bet is actually Evo.

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