Friday, August 08, 2008

Evo, can you handle this badass?

So the recall referendum is 48 hours away and Evo's critics can't handle the truth. That he is going to crush, repeat crush, his opponents.

Watch the English language press squirm.

Washington Times
: "Bolivians frustrated by 2½ years of socialist government under President Evo Morales have a chance to remove him from office next week, but even a strong opponent of his policies doubts he will lose the recall vote." Oh right, Bolivians actually like Evo! and we're just a bunch of delusional wingnuts.

Reuter's gives us a "Factbox" of possible scenarios could Evo lose. Except his is going to win.

Well we all know he is going to win, but the Christian Science Monitor's Sarah Miller Lana assures us that's just because bringing votes directly to the people weakens democracy by "bypassing checks and balances and centralizing power in [Morales'] own hands." Huh? Does she mean like when the Media Luna proceeeded with totally extra-constitutional Autonomy Statute Referendums? If only Bush were so undemocratic as Evo.

The opposition Prefects have taken a last ditch stance to gain attention and stave off being revoked by starting a hunger strike to demand the return of gas revenue back to Department coffers now being siphoned to finance elderly pension. Except even with the pension cut their gross income from gas revenue has actually more than doubled since Evo took office.

As Inca Kola News notes the annual August 7th military parade was a big demonstration in "you looking to pull a coup, think again losers!"

And VP Alvaro Linera finished off campaigning with a message close to my heart, "Let's go kick some oligarch and fascist ass."


psyclone said...

Ya Evo may "win" but Im sure it has nothing to do with the 10s of thousands of fake carnets that have been doled out in the last few months and the elimination of many other people from voting lists.

Otto Rock said...

Ok psyclone, let's imagine your scenario is true and there are in fact "tens of thousands of fake carnets" out there as well as eliminations of anti-Evo voters from the ballot.

Now let's say he wins with 60% approval.

There are 4 million eligible voters in Bolivia. That means a 60% approval rating would split those voters 2.4million "YES" and 1.6million "NO".

This would give you a difference of 800,000 votes.

Interestingly, even if Evo wins 51%/49% the 80,000 headcount difference on 4m voters wouldn't be enough to support your theory.

Even if you grant these fake carnets/voter eliminations some stupid, impossible-to-hide number, line 50,000, you'd still be coming up a little short, wouldn't you?

For the record, I doubt there are any, but this is your paranoia and not mine.

Now run along, little person. Mother's waiting for you at the window and she's getting a little anxious.

Numbers don't lie.

Bina said...

I think our psyclonic little friend has Evo confused with the Media Luna prefects. That sounds more like something they would do--probably because their fraudulent votes were won by a combination of abstention and ballot stuffing!