Saturday, August 02, 2008

Evo unilaterally changes Law! Intl. Press Condemnation!

....Oh wait, no, wrong headline.

That wasn't Evo unilaterally asserting the dictatorial privilege to change the law convoking and defining the terms of the Recall Referendum, but the Media Luna's corrupt Departmental Electoral Courts- the ones that previously asserted their nonexistent authority to simply ignore the superior National Electoral Courts ruling striking down the unconstitutional Autonomy Referendums and go through with them anyways. It is worth noting that the President of Santa Cruz's CDE is married to the president of the Santa Cruz Comite Civico Feminino. No conflict of interest there!

Well now they have decided that they aren't too hot on this Recall Referendum which might revoke several of their patrons in Prefect seats. So by threat of a repeat douchebag performance, they convinced the National Electoral Court to reinterpret with them the terms of recall for Prefects originally approved by the opposition controlled Senate. Now they get better 50% + terms rather than the task of defending their original mandate secured in 2006 plurality elections.

Now everyone is like what the fuck is going on? This was already complicated enough! The Comite Pro Santa Cruz is all like, "but we already had our cute 'hunger strike' planned for August 6th to boycott the 'unfair' recall election." And Evo is all like, "Well, we have the constitutional responsibility to respect the court's decision, but I've read the Recall Referendum and it says officials get revoked if they can't defend their original mandate." And Vice President Linera is like, "The law is the law."

The Western Press? "Whatever, just as long as our Autonomy dudes win. We don't care if they sacrifice babies to Moloch." Reuter's doesn't seemed miffed.

So now that the golpista opposition has chipped another dent in the democratic function of Bolivia's legal institutions, your bet on what comes next is as good as any.


Otto Rock said...

It's gonna be fun, and this time remember there are 100 international neutral observers on hand (from the OEA) as well as 4,000 Bolivian volunteer observers. Santa Cruz will have a harder time with the firebomb threats, methinks.

As for Evo, Angus Reid has him as 49% pro-Evo, 18% anti Evo and 33% undecided. Split the undecideds down the middle and Evo might just grab 65% of the vote. That would really shut em up! I think anything 60%+ would be one helluva good result for cheekychops, personally.

As for the halfmooners, Leopoldo Fernandez in Pando looks likely to fall, but if Reyes in Cochabamba chokes they'll really be dancing in El Alto on the's nip and tuck with him.

Above all, let it be peaceful. Really, that's all I ask.

El Ch� said...

Just arm and organize the farmers.
The oligarchs intend to have it out with even the meek little MAS, no matter what. Let's not kid ourselves.

Bina said...

El Predicto sez Evo will get at least 60%.

'Specially since he successfully negotiated with Chile for a passage to the sea. That's something Bolivia has only been wanting since, like, forever...

El Predicto also predicts riots in the wealthy white sectors, or at least co-ordinated from there. The actual violence will be carried out by brownish thugs in North American dress and driving cars with swastikas on ' other words, good little Crucenista youth serving Ol' Massa.

Be on the lookout for lots of false flag operations as well. Co-ordinated from USAID headquarters, natch.