Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Gee Willikers Batman!

Good God! Did you know that while we were all focused on those evil Ruskie aggressors advance on our tie eating ally in Georgia, Hugo Chavez invaded the Andes!

Good thing the Heritage Foundation is paying attention or we would have never noticed that Morales' landslide victory in the recall referendum was nothing less than the unholy advance of Hugo's anti-freedom authoritarianism across the continent! This shit is out of control. Congress better step in to stop these uppity haters or they are going to take away all of our slaves! This aggression will not stand!

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Bina said...

I knew they had Teh Stoopid, but they really outdid themselves there. How many times have I seen a 'winger publication say someplace is "slouching toward authoritarianism"? If I had a loonie for every time that happened, I'd be a rich bitch by now.