Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Hear no evil, See no evil, Speak no evil

So the western press has been up on the Media Luna's 24 hour strike to protest Morales' unwillingness to drop funding for elderly pensions and give that money back to department coffers. It is amazing that no one in the English media has asked, "what exactly do these oppositions Prefects have against their grandmothers anyways?"

Well let's find out how the strike went, as AFP reports; "The 24-hour stoppage in the eastern states of Santa Cruz, Beni, Pando, Tarija and Chuquisaca -- effectively half the territory of South America's poorest nation -- took place mostly peacefully with only isolated incidents reported." Thank god everything went peace for our nonviolent autonomy buddies, oh wait, Morales' evil supporters were on the attack! "In the city of Santa Cruz, the main bastion of opposition, pro-Morales youths attacked journalists from a commercial Bolivian television station in a poor neighborhood." Geez, those damn commies!

Right, so lets get the leader of the Comite Pro Santa Cruz, Branco Marinkovic's word on this authoritarian dictator from Reuters. "Although Marinkovic said he wanted to avoid violence, young people were seen coming in and out of his office building carrying batons and baseball bats." Huh? What are our hard-done-by freedom fighters doing those baseball bats?

Later Tuesday
, "Hundreds of anti-government protesters battled supporters of President Evo Morales on Tuesday with rocks and sticks as a general strike against the Bolivian leader turned violent....Anti-government demonstrators carrying baseball bats and shields fought with Morales' backers in a poor neighbourhood that is a stronghold of support for the Bolivian leader." Oh no, say it ain't so! Violence? Who could have thunk it? Well, I am sure they are just fighting the good fight against tyranny. "Graffiti seen on the streets of Santa Cruz called Morales a 'fascist,' 'the Antichrist' and a 'minion' of Venezuela's Chavez."

Right, Morales is a fascist! Lets see some video our valiant pro-autonomy protesters resisting police oppression. Ah, heres a good one. But wait, those "pro autonomy youth" are beating the shit out of those cops and these officers are just trying to run away. I don't get it. Morales' gestapo are trying to avoid and disperse violent confrontation. Tell me how you characterize the action of these videos, here and here. (Cartoon- La Razon)

Could it be, that actual the pro-autonomy guys driving around with bats, swastikas, neonazi crosses, and calling themselves the "Santa Cruz Youth Union" are actually wanna be fascist youth? That the leaders of the autonomy movement are desperately trying to stoke violence confrontation in order to delegitimize Morales' hugely popular government and justify their wildest cumtastic fantasies in a golpe de estado? Hmm, so how are we going to explain ourselves out of this one now that we've been cheering these racists and fascists on for months in their struggle against Morales?

Ah, the New York Times editorial desk gives us a good one. Call for everyone to deescalate their fiery rhetoric. You know, all that divisiveness Morales has been sowing, forcing our good pro autonomy movement towards violence. Yeah. Morales needs to compromise. That's it.
Mr. Morales and his rivals must tone down their rhetoric and start looking for a solution. It is possible to empower and improve the lives of Bolivia’s long-neglected indigenous peoples while also incorporating legitimate demands for regional autonomy. An equitable division of the nation’s gas wealth can be negotiated.
Hey, actually I've got a suggestion for you asswipes at the NYT editorial desk. Get one of your interns who reads Spanish and have them pull up a copy of the proposed constitution and actually read it. Because you know what they will find. That it does exactly what you've just called for. That's right, the Media Luna gets their autonomy and fair share of gas wealth, along with the impoverished indigenous majority.

So why again is the Media Luna opposed? Oh right, because they are a bunch of corrupt, racist, crypto-fascists who think only they own Bolivia and ought to rule over all the little ignorant Indians. How dare those brown people think democracy actually means a government of the people, by the people, and for the people.


Bina said...

Mang, that Ruben Costas sure is some piece of work. Sounds exactly like Hitler bellowing to the masses in Nurnberg. Coincidence? Hahahahahahah.

But no, all that is Evo's fault. For "provoking" this mad bull. Riiiiiiiiiight.

Clay Perry said...

before you begin speaking of racism toward the "brown people" take this into consideration: "western media" people do not want to dig into a story, that would call for them to get up from their desks... i think most western media bias i based on laziness...

Bina said...

The mainstream western media are, of course, perfectly capable of racism and laziness both, and in this case as in so many others, they ARE. In fact, racism is a kind of laziness unto itself. Only it's more mental than physical, unless of course you're a slave owner, in which case it's physical as well. But it's mental more than anything.

El Duderino said...

laziness is a nice excuse. But check out Simon Romero's work. Not only is that guy lazy but he also deliberately misrepresents stories, facts that he, himself, had previously reported on. No, there is a healthy amount of racism in the western press.