Monday, August 25, 2008

Lamer by the day

Remember how those opposition Prefects were going to raise hell and overthrow Evo? How they were going to shut down the country with their "civic" strike that just ended up being a lame excuse for fascist youth to beat up on some brown people. Then, to show their enduring spite for grandmothers receiving pensions from natural gas revenue declared they would shut down the gas valves. Evo replied, "no, you and what army?".

So how is the western press going to make these lame, fascist, grandma haters look like the victims? Simple. Just make stuff up. According to AFP, "executive power" Morales is unfairly taxing "regional revenues from gas fields." Geez Evo, stealing from those hard done by regional governments. But wait. There is no such thing as "regional" gas revenue. It's national gas revenue and always has been. "Regional" governments get their share of revenue from the national government, not the other way around. Hence, why these losers actually have zero leverage on the question and should instead be thanking their lucky stars Evo is still giving these coup plotters cash to run their local government services.

But while the opposition Prefects demonstrated that they have completely douched out their remaining political legitimacy, a blockade not covered by the western press has effectively closed Sucre. Chuquisaca's campesino unions are showing the new opposition Prefect Sabina Cuellar that her handlers in the falangist loving Interinistutional Committee can't hand pick rural Subprefects without consulting the actual communities that live there first. And why might the press not be covering this road block? Maybe because it shows how Sabina Cuellar, the ex-MAS indigenous women for the racist opposition, is a total exploitive scam job.

So if you haven't already noticed, Morales has effectively positioned the conservative opposition to the margins of political influence. In my opinion these jackasses are finished. The "Media Luna" Prefects will be lucky to finish their terms of office out of a jail cell where they belong. The main opposition PODEMOS party is so demoralized by the backfire of the recall referendum they approved in the Senate that they weren't even able to muster the necessary signatures from supporters to remain an officially titled political party, and will instead have to organize under a new name if they plan on competing in the next elections. Ha Ha. Turns out that Indian wasn't so stupid after all. The joke was on you suckers all along.

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khalinche said...

Interesting, I didn't realise the Sucre cerco was about Cuellar et al selecting subprefectos. That's not a new thing, though - Manfred used to do it in Cbba too, and I daresay others have done it before him.

Quite right about the gas revenues, of course. The press coverage in the last few days has been bloody irritating, (Observer, i'm looking at you) exaggerating the reach and legitimacy of the 'Media Luna' who Bolpress have suggested we start calling the 'Waning Quarter'. Oh, but what I was going to say was that I don't think the death of Podemos (QEPD) was caused entirely by the referendum. I think they were being gradually supplanted by the blowhards in the east anyway. Even though Costas and his pals are openly controlled by the comites civicos, that is to say, the interests of big business and latifundistas, they appear to be fighting for regional interests, whereas people used to complain that Podemos were not a 'productive opposition' and just existed to fregar. Also, Tuto relied on *some* degree of support in the Occidente and that seems to have diminished as time has gone on. Generally, I think the locus of opposition has shifted eastwards, and that wasn't all to do with the downfall of Manfred and Pepe Lucho. (I know Manfred wasn't Podemos, but anyway). That doesn't mean to say that the opposition there is all it's cracked up to be (WOO BIG SCARY IMMINENT DIVISION OF TEH COUNTRY11!1ELEVEN), but that it is now a more substantial opposition than Tuto and his crew were providing.