Sunday, August 10, 2008

Quick Recall Update

The western press is reporting that Evo, as we all expected, has indeed secured victory in the recall, while the Bolivian press is currently reporting Evo winning 60+ percent. Well just have to wait and see how high it goes. Manfred "I don't recognize the referendum" Reyes, Prefect of Cochabamba, has been revoked and his political career is effectively ended- tough luck for a douchebag that almost became President in 2002. The opposition prefect of La Paz is also out, and it looks like so is the MAS prefect of Oruro. I've read differing counts on Pando, and the rest of the Media Luna- so we will find out later.


Bina said...

Evo's currently at 63%, according to Aporrea:

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They claim all the Media Luna shits were ratified. I wonder if that wasn't the result of ballot stuffing, like their "autonomy" crap. Smells suspicious...

El Duderino said...

Well I expected most to be ratified but was hoping Tarija or Pando might slip. Too bad.

Bina said...

Oh looky, my sense of smell is GOOD!

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Looks like there's been dirty skulduggery underway in Beni. Hmmm, how about the rest of the Media Goona?

Bina said...

And maybe Tarija HAS slipped?


Looks that way. We'll see more tomorrow, I'm sure.