Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Too Cool for Evo

That trendy t-shirt, hip sun glasses, greased haircut, and propensity to beat up on "shitty Indians" just as brown as themselves -but not up on the latest fashion trends- can only denote one kind of person, our Pro Autonomy buddies. They will swear they aren't "fascists". No. They are fighting for "democracy", but still think Hitler was pretty cool and that swastikas make for nice decals on your decked out ride.

This photo comes courtesy of Tarija where a meeting between Evo, Chavez, and Kirchner had to be canceled after these freedom lovers attacked the airport.

Also Evo won't be going to Sucre tomorrow for traditional celebrations of Bolivia's independence day because they are a bunch of bigot scumbags that will only succeed in making Sucre the Capital of Racism.

Somehow this all makes Evo a dictator, fascist, and racist. Go figure.

For full disclosure: I stole everything, the photo and these stories from Inca Kola News who's been covering Bolivia better than this blog the last couple days.


otto said...

Flattery will get you re-elected ;-)

Bina said...

A greased haircut is hip? Since when?

Boy, those "autonomy" freaks sure have...INTERESTING tastes.