Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Who's wearing the 'tin-foil hat' now?

At this point if you still don't think the US government in actively working to destabilize Bolivia and undermine Morales' democratic and constitutional government you're just plain ignorant. Let's demonstrate. Bina at News of the Restless and Otto at Inca Kola News give us the low down on how US ambassador Philip "Fulbright to Espionage" Goldberg was caught secretly meeting with opposition Prefect Rubin "Macaco" Costas in Santa Cruz.

What do you think they were talking about? Their choice of Santa Cruz whores? Well that's what our man in Bolivia, one US Lt. Commander and Iraqi war veteran Gregory Michel apparently had on his mind when he was arrested late Monday night waving a loaded .45mm handgun around drunk at Santa Cruz's whorehouse Curris Internacional. Here's Mister "diplomatic immunity" in his finest hour.

So just what do you think is a combat veteran doing for the US mission in Bolivia? For any bonafided journalists out there, trust me, this story is red hot and juicy.


Bina said...

Yoo-hoo, Simon Romero...AP and Reuters...Sara Miller Llana...Andres Oppenheimer...Juan Forero...anyone?


Funny, you'd think that one of them would smell news here. I mean, what better way for a "real" journalist to burnish his/her credentials than by breaking an honest-to-Pachamama international scandal wide open?

But no, as usual, the widdle bitty bloggers have 'em beat...just by going on the Internets from wherever they sit (Canada, in my case) and translating a few things from the "Mexican". Pathetic, really.

Otto Rock said...

bina, your tweety-pie needs the biggest shout out possible. Just wonderful!

Bina said...

Thanks, Otto. I'd love to take credit for photoshopping him, but I just found him fluttering around the Interwebs and decided to put him in a more useful context. (I've actually used him once before in terms of Bolivia and the bullshit going on down there. And if things get equally ugly in Ecuador, I'll probably use him on a post devoted to that, too...)

I'm still trying to work out a way to fit Sylvester and his "thufferin' thuccotash" in there somewhere, though!