Friday, September 19, 2008

Abiding Achiever Award

It is my honor to announce the first "Achiever" award for excellence in English language journalism on Bolivia to Franz Chávez of Inter Press Service News Agency. (Not like this blog is prestigious enough to give out awards -the pauper behind it has little to give- and Chávez already has a prestigious and noteworthy career in Bolivian journalism, but hey, it is not very often we get to celebrate good journalism on Bolivia, so here goes.)

Chávez recent work has shown a tireless effort to convey the reality of contemporary Bolivian political life, name names, and boldly face the stark ugliness of prejudice others would rather simply ignore. He was the only, repeat the only, English language newswire reporter to cover the 'unprintable' events of May 24th in Sucre. Little by little, justice moves forward and the world becomes a better place in part due to people like him. So let it be known that Franz Chávez is most officially awesome!

Here is just a taste of his more recent awesomeness:

-"Divisions Emerge in Opposition Strategy", Sept. 4th

-"'Twenty Families Are Obstructing Governability' - Expert", Sept. 10th

-"U.S. Ambassador Expelled for Allegedly Supporting Violent Opposition", Sept 11th

-"Deaths in the Amazon", Sept 13th

Right on man! Shit yeah.

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