Thursday, September 11, 2008

"Bolivia's modern slaves"

The Guarani, a South-American indigenous people, were reduced to servitude by colonisation. To this day, their basic rights continue to be violated, but new land ownership legislation is allowing some to start a new life.

An English language report finally giving the hard truth of racist labor exploitation in Bolivia. Thank god! What fine news outlet has changed its ways of deplorable underreporting to actually convey the truth? Oh, ...French television, France 24. Well, those frogs were always a bunch of crybabies anyways, figures they'd give a damn about some poor brown people. Sissies!


Otto Rock said...

great reporting. Excellent find, Duderino.

Utpal said...

If ya go to that link, there is a comment from "a brown native Venezuelan" that is funny -- he is very concerned about suffering whites

Bina said...

I should leave a comment for "Brown Native Venezuelan" to the effect that Robert Mugabe is irrelevant to the discussion. Anyone with eyes can see that the governments in Venezuela and Bolivia are not oppressing anyone, much less on the basis of skin color.