Tuesday, September 23, 2008

"Camba" nutters march in Santa Cruz

Down South gives us some photos of the "Nacion Camba" marching in Santa Cruz, rallying to oppose the return of government offices back to... the government. As he notes just by the way they present themselves, the "Nacion Camba" is a super nutty fascist group (making sure the UJC isn't the only game in town) which openly advocates the break up of Bolivia (and Brazil, Paraguay?). The map comes from their own website.


mgrace said...

What I don't understand is why I see some Indians--the women in their traditional clothes--participating in these rallies. It seems that there's some weird political/cultural/colonial mentality going on at times that I just can't understand.
I'll try to get my Nazi salute video up later after I pick up my laptop. (I was expecting it to be a little more chaotic here, so I didn't bring it with me.)

Bina said...

There is some seriously freaky shit going down in Nación Mierda, I see. I wonder if those indigenous people were paid to show up looking like that--to make it seem less white-supremacist or more popular than it really is.

Looking forward to that video, BTW!

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