Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Eduardo Gamarra is a hack

Eduardo Gamarra, the director of Florida International University's Latin American and Caribbean Center, frequent Maimi Herald columnist, and described "expert on Bolivia" by the Washington Post does not know shit about Bolivia. As it turns out, he simply makes up out of whole cloth "facts" to fit he prescribed prejudices, then later to be quoted in US newspapers as "expert" analysis. In layman's terms: bullshit.

In most spectacular fashion, Gamarra demonstrates his affinity to bullshit in his latest editorial on Bolivia, "Morales fosters more poverty, despair, unrest". Contrary to the title, the piece does not discuss poverty or despair but a whole lot of unrest... something about a fascist coup plot and lots of racist opposition violence. Whatever, it is certainly all Morales' fault somehow ...because... current supporters of Morales got uppity in El Alto in 2003. I guess it was the fault of these protesters that more than 60 of them were gunned down in the 2003 'Gas War'. Maybe those wacky Indians shot themselves? just like CNN told us happen at the Pando massacre.

But we haven't even gotten to the steaming pile yet, before which I'd like to remind everyone of Gamarra's last editorial on Bolivia, "Washington Silent on attack at US Embassy". In it he claimed that the protest by El Alto residents rightly pissed over US granting of "political asylum" to the butchers of the 2003 'Gas War' was actually a mob, encouraged by Morales, trying to "burn down" the US Embassy. This fictional account was later picked up by Simon Romero at the NYTimes to villianize Morales in an article on the "Drug War" in Bolivia.

Because the 2003 El Alto protests do not quite explain what is happening today, 2008, in Santa Cruz and elsewhere in the Media Luna, Gamarra further explains that opponents to Morales are fighting "efforts to unilaterally impose a constitution that was approved irregularly and only by members of the official party." First, actual approval of the proposed constitution will ultimately be up to the Bolivian people to decide in referendum. However, it is not the will and desires of the Bolivian people Gamarra concerns himself with in this editorial but rather perceived "irregulaties" in final drafting of the document by the Constituent Assembly which he falsely claims was approved by only members of Morales' MAS party. Don't trust me? Ask Dorian Medina, the owner of Burger King Bolivia and head of the center-right UN party, who participated in final drafting (maybe he's a secret communist?) or any member of the 10 political parties who voted on the proposed constitution during the Constituent Assembly's closure in Oruro.

Now, why is this falsehood so serious and damaging to Gamarra's reputation? Because it is a fact that is in no way open to dispute or interpretation (we're talking about counting numbers here) and a very old one at that. It's been nearly a year for Gamarra, sitting in Maimi, to read through all the various reports and accounts of the Constituent Assembly and acquire such a basic fact. But oddly, this "expert on Bolivia" has managed to loaf the last ten months, not even able to do a basic fact check on a point absolutely central to his argument railing against Evo's supposed tyranny, to the defense of professed racists and fascists. Gamarra, you're a joke. Please. Take a break.


justopr said...

This Eduardo Gamarra skunk was smelling all over the newscast today as he gave "anlysis" of the overwhelming vote to approve the constitution in Bolivia today. The questions underhanded by the fascist CNN anchor Claudia Palacios made it easy for this guy to bring scorn upon this historic event in Bolivia. Much was made of a "divided" country and the white oligarchy that treated the majority like enslaved people for so long. Let's see what commentary comes out of Obama's "changed" empirical policies. A support of this democratic exercise by Bolivia's electorate by President Obama will go a long way in changing US policty of undermining the democratically elected government of Evo Morales that was orchestrated by the Bush State Department.

Anonymous said...

i have a question for you? have you been to bolivia? because I am a bolivian who moved up here to attend college and know first hand what eduardo gamarra is talking about. i find it interesting that people that do not know the things that actually go on in the bolivian setting or the actual country have the nerve to comment on a columnist that is bolivian himself and in many instances has predicted many of the outcomes and problems that bolivia faces today. why dont you go live in bolivia for 2 years and see what the real feeling and setting of bolivia is and then maybe you can write columns on how educated people such as eduardo gamarra have to say.

El Duderino said...

Just because you are Bolivian does not make you or Eduardo Gamarra an expert on the country. "Experts" use facts to make their arguments, something lacking in your response.

Gamarra is a notorious liar about his native country and its people. The details laid out in this post is one example. If you or Gamarra care to dispute it, I expect facts to back it up.