Friday, September 19, 2008

Goldberg still at it

In addition to posting this spot on photo of ex-ambassador Philip Goldberg, The Latin Americanist recaps Goldberg's recent comments at a Wash DC forum defending his douchbaggery in Bolivia. To demonstrate just how unfairly those mean Bolivians treated little ol' him, Goldberg recalls a question some uppity Bolivian journalist asked him when he first arrived in 2006, "is it true that you are part of a plot to assassinate President Morales?". How outrageous!

Well that rude reporter looked pretty smart in June 2007 when the visiting relative of a US Embassy security officer was caught trying to smuggle 500 .45 caliber rifle rounds through Bolivian customs disguised as cheese. (I shit you not). And then again in June 2008 when two members of the Santa Cruz Youth Union got caught with rifle, scope, and ammunition in hand looking to kill Evo. Will evil Bolivia ever stop bullying Goldberg? What injustice!

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