Saturday, September 13, 2008

Goldberg's last hurrah

(Ex-US Ambassador Philip Goldberg at his last formal appearance in Bolivia, in Sucre)

What with all the fascist shits in the Media Luna trying to precipitate a coup I haven't yet given their yankee patron Goldberg a proper send off.

Between all the whoring, gunslinging and secret meetings with racist scum, Goldberg's visit to Sucre last week (September 5th) got lost in the mix. The only English language report to cover the event was Iranian Press TV and this was their headline: "US: We must interfere in Bolivian affairs", summarizing the jift of Goldberg's comments after meeting with Chuquisaca's opposition Prefect Sabina Cuellar as "Goldberg claimed that since Bolivia is presently in a state of political instability, the US institutions should interfere in Bolivia's internal affairs." Might that have also miffed Evo a bit as well?

Sucre's conservative (racist) paper El Correo del Sur reported the significance of Goldberg's arrival as the donation of 12 million dollars (a lot of money in Bolivia) to the departmental government and 80 thousand dollars to Sucre's municipal government (pay off for sabotaging the Constituent Assembly?).

This is a case in point of the need for full transparency on the part of the US mission in Bolivia as to whom exactly is being funded with US government cash. As has been noted before, USAID has been directing its funds towards opposition regional department governments and as is the case in Chuquisaca, they are usually of highly questionable moral character.

In Sucre this includes a government effectively run by a elitist 'Interinistutional Committee' behind the cynical figure head of an indigenous women, Sabina Cuellar, which supports 'unprintable' public humiliation of indigenous campesinos at the hands of militant "students" of the Bolivian Socialist Falange (there is no need to even add the fascist qualifier for these guys as it's already in their official name). The Democracy Center recently interviewed Sabina Cuellar, pretty well exposing what she actually is, an outrageous political scam job (and you think Sarah Palin is bad?). As Patrick J. McDonnell of the LATimes recently demonstrated in his story on Cuellar, somehow all of this violence and racism is beyond the ability of mainstream US journalists to comprehend or report on. (Weird McDonnell didn't mention Goldberg's visit to Sucre in his report dated Sept. 7th, what gives?)

So the question remains, where's that 12 million dollars going? Officially it is marked for municipal governments and rural development, but I can guarantee that whatever portion of it gets to Chuquisaca's impoverished rural indigenous communities will be with oppressive political strings attached as Chuquisaca's campesino unions absolutely hate Cuellar and recently blockaded Sucre for a week just to show their distaste for the 'uncle tom', ex-MAS constituent assembly member.

What a way for Goldberg to go out, hanging with a bunch of falangists. So in summary let's list the questionable things going on through the US Embassy during Goldberg's tenure- a man whose professional experience includes Bosnia in the mid 1990s and Kosovo 2004-2006, good experience for promoting separatism, no?

1. USAID funding of Morales' political opponents.
2. Asking Fulbright scholars to spy for the US mission.
3. Caught hanging with the head of Santa Cruz's agrobusiness consortium and a Colombian fugitive crime lord.
4. The granting of "political ayslum" to the butchers of the 'Gas War'. ...Well, I guess that one isn't exclusive to Goldberg, but still.
5. Getting caught meeting in secret with the racist secessionist, opposition Prefect Rubin Costas just prior to the outbreak of pro-autonomy violence.

So really, this expulsion has been a long time coming. The only ones seemingly caught off guard were at the US State Department. What, did they seriously think Evo would just roll over like a good dog?

But just when one US Embassy douchebag seems out of the picture a new douche rises, or should I say douchette? The new director of Bolivia's Peace Corp, Kathleen M. Sifer, just arrived from her last position directing Peace Corp operations in... wait for it.... Georgia, yea the country! The one with our impeccable tie eating ally. And considering the humanitarian mission of the Peace Corp, Bolivia and Georgia have exactly what in common? ...a spectacularly disasterous "covert" US geopolitical agenda?

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