Monday, September 15, 2008

Media Luna Prefects still scumbags

Since yesterday, Vice President Garcia Linera has been leading government dialogue and negotiations with opposition Prefects to resolve the situation. They've had success getting the opposition to agree to withdraw from government buildings and lift the remaining agrobusiness blockade on foodstuffs out of Santa Cruz. Positive developments I would say.

But get this. Mario Cossio (left), the Prefect of Tarija, initial demands on Linera were to lift the "state of emergency" in Pando, drop the arrest warrant against Pando Prefect Leopoldo Fernández for the El Porvenir Massacre, and include him in the dialogue. Linera rightly said "N-O", 'we don't negotiate with murders'.

Also Cossio wanted to come to the UNASUR meeting today in Santiago, Chile. To which they replied, 'Right, this meeting is for S. American Presidents. And you would be the President of what country exactly?'.

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Bina said...

ROFL. The Media Luna wants in where they don't belong? Boy, are they getting ahead of themselves. I guess massive protests against their own fascism at home have got them crying to UNASUR for protection they ain't gonna get.

(This all would be a lot funnier if no campesinos were getting hurt or killed.)