Thursday, September 25, 2008

Our empire in decline

Remember that boy genius of the American establishment who told em' they were the champions of history- game over, except not. Well apparently right in the middle of his hypotheses spectacularly imploding, some people are still listening to Francis Fukuyama and he still thinks he's someone to tell other people what they ought to be doing. Chile's El Mercurio interviewed Fukuyama and he gave us this gem of fool proof insight into Bolivia.

Question: "In the book you speak of the necessity to make a sustained effort to improve the distribution of incomes in Latin America, and that this deficiency has perpetuated social problems and inequality in the region. Is the level of violence currently seen in Bolivia part of this context?"

Fukuyama: "Unfortunately, in Bolivia conditions do not exist for a better system of redistribution. Evo Morales' attempt to remake the constitution is an attempt to more radically distribution power inside Bolivia, and that is only going to create a redistribution of wealth among them."

Good one Fukuyama. Can't beat that logic. Newsflash: you're irrelevant.

(apologies to BoRev for the massive plagiarism)

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Bina said...

Fukuyama was always irrelevent, even when he wrote his magnum opus. It's just taking an awful lot of people an awfully long time to figure that out. I guess fashionable dumbassery trumps truth everytime. (SIGH)

Oh well, at least Venezuela knew it from the start--the Caracazo was proof that the neoliberal world order was crap even BEFORE the Berlin Wall fell.