Saturday, September 20, 2008

Reuters serves up another good read!

Reuters is quickly moving up ladder to hopefully compete for best English language coverage of Bolivia. This latest piece "Bolivia holds fragile talks to end political crisis" (ok, its from Thursday, but I didn't read it until Friday) shows again that western news outlets are indeed capable of writing accurate and balanced stories on Bolivian politics. Without getting into too much detail of the article, it does what any story should: tell the facts, set the tone, get perspectives from diverse sides, and allude to deeper complexity beyond say Morales vs. Media Luna dichotomies without over complicating a short article for easy reading. (Seriously, just accurately quoting someone from the government or MAS makes a huge difference. It is amazing how much gets printed lacking that basic standard) Good job! If everyone covering Bolivia raised the bar what would become of this blog? Hopefully I'll get to answers the question.

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Bina said...

If the talks are "fragile", it's not through any fault of Evo's, but that of the fascists. They have a vested interest in these talks not progressing (at least, not in any constructive direction.)

I do hope Reuters plans on reporting THAT, too.