Tuesday, September 16, 2008

"Same old story"

Bina at News of the Restless doesn't hold back in giving the Wash. Posts' disgusting editorial on Bolivia a piece of her mind. Borev also jumps on the Wash. Post case and slams CNN's idiotic coverage of violence in Bolivia.


Jose Arcadio BuenDia said...

Hello! I'm a regular reader of your blog. Good information, righteously pointing out the tragicomic falsifications of international media on the situation of our country.

The fascist thugs must be stopped.


May I ask you, kindly, and perhaps through you to the other English language blogs that cover our nation so well, to please tone down the racial attacks against Cambas and/or white people?

I don't feel that it helps the cause of change and justice, and it is wrong as this conflict is more about class in any case, and further more about entrenched interests on all sides.

A white Bolivian supporter of Evo.

El Duderino said...

thanks for the compliments. I appreciate the honest commentary. As a very white gringo, I have to say that I really don't see much racism behind my profanities towards the conservative opposition. But it figures that I wouldn't. As you said, the opposition is trying to exploit racism in order to protect their class interests.

I assume your comment is most motivated by the title of the latest post "Santa Cruz, Republica de Mierda". Harsh, yes. But please forgive me considering the situation for not be too concerned about the plight of those offended. Unfortunately, those leading Santa Cruz have done more to harm its reputation than anything I am capable of. A shame really, considering the beauty of the place and its people.

Bina said...

One can't help noticing that all the oligarchic shit-disturbers in Bolivia and Venezuela happen to be whitey-white. Some of them are whiter than me, and as a redheaded Canadian of German extraction, I'm pretty damn white!

And I'm a huge fan of Evo. I think it's great that he's got a diverse movement behind him, and moreover, I agree that it's absolutely vital that he does. If it were only indigenous people, it might give some credence to the media bullshit about him dividing the country and stirring up racial hate among the "uppity Injuns", but it's obviously not like that at all. His own VP is a white leftist with a guerrilla background and a university education, and it's impossible to argue that they don't make a good team. Evo has repeatedly stressed that Bolivians come in all colorations (I've even seen Afro-Bolivians in the odd news piece that doesn't suck!). Not all the whites in Bolivia are stinking oligarchs or imported balkanizers, and that's a distinction the lamestream media often glosses over in its frenzy to portray the whole Evo-thing as just an uppity-Injun uprising against those poor, oppressed wealthy whites.

What weirds me out about Bolivia, though, is how those oligarchs take advantage of mestizos to do their bully-work for them. That's two layers of racism going on right there. I wonder, do the mestizo hirelings who beat up the indigenous Evo-supporters only recognize the "white" half of their own backgrounds? And if they beat up on people who are (or at least, look) totally indigenous, what does that say about them? I think there's a strong element of self-hate in there, or at least some pretty extreme dissociation. Instead of recognizing the indigenous as their brethren, they bash them as "indios de mierda". Instead of building bridges between the two ethnicities, they burn them. Do they believe that if they only identify with the "superior" white culture, they will eventually be fully accepted in it--as racist as it so often is?

Maybe it comes from being German, but I find my Nazi-dar blipping off the scale whenever I see things like this. Hitler was very good at turning the working class against its own best interests, too. I think it's no coincidence that the Cruceñista bully-boys, who are probably mestizo, drive around in Nazimobiles with swastikas on the side. These kids may enjoy the sense of power that being able to beat up on somebody "inferior" gives them now, but ultimately, they are beating up on the darker half of themselves. If they live long enough, maybe they'll reflect and realize that this is schizophrenia. But then again, I think their brainwashing has already "taken" all too well. They aren't giving any serious thought to their future, only on the present power-trip. That's some mighty toxic Kool-Aid.