Tuesday, September 16, 2008

So much for Evo "losing control"

Pando's murderous scumbag Prefect Leopoldo Fernandez (left, photo BBC) has been arrested and currently being transported to La Paz where he will face genocide charges. I am happy to say that we were wrong to report he had fled across the border to Brazil (it is literally just across the river from Pando's capital, Cobija) and instead chose to hide out in the Prefectura until the army captured him. "Genocide" seem harsh? Well the more one reads about the El Porvenir Massacre, the more "genocide" seems like a description qualifier. Of course now that the country appears to be more firmly under legitimate government control is the time US Peace Corps reacts by leaving the country.

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Bina said...

The Brazilians would have taken him anyway, even if the cowardly sneak had gotten across the river...Lula has proclaimed his support of Evo. Gotta love Lula!