Tuesday, September 16, 2008

UNASUR: Never Again!

Head over to Inca Kola News and read the nine point "Moneda Declaration" of UNASUR firmly supporting Evo and slapping down the coup plotters. The obvious significance of this declaration (surely lost in the western press) is well, huge and historic. The symbolism of the fact that the declaration is named after the Presidential Palace in which Salvador Allende was killed in the 1973 coup, Sept. 11, will not quickly be lost in S. America now united in the organization. Wherever you are Allende, the people are reclaiming history as their own. I am sure he is proud.

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dailysketch said...

BBC reporting that "Troops arrest Bolivian governor"

Bolivian troops have arrested the governor of a northern province wracked by deadly anti-government violence in recent days, state television reports.