Monday, October 27, 2008

AP again passes blind eye to US meddling

In this anonymous piece, "Bolivia alledges US role in violent jungle clash" the AP misrepresents the presentation of Presidential Minister Juan Ramon Quintana and ignores the facts of US meddling in Bolivia.
AP claims Quintana "did not provide any evidence for the charge or elaborate on what he meant by the word ´participate,` [in "participated in the massacare"]...Quintana also accused the U.S. Agency for International Development of unspecified ´direct involvement` in the province."
Actually Quintana was very specific and careful in his language, stating (paraphrase) "that the US, through USAID, helped to create an unconstitutional and criminal government in Pando, making them complicit in the crimes of its Prefect". Quintana does not need to say anymore than that because, as 90 western acadamics already noted, USAID (OTI) admits on their Bolivia website to having directed funding towards departmental governments for the purpose of supporting their [autonomous] governing capacity. So yes, USAID carries complicity in the Pando massacre, unless of course their internal documents, which they refuse to release publicily, show otherwise.
Quintana was also very specific as to what he ment by USAID "direct involvement", stating that its "purpose was to promote disunity and conflict between MAS [Morales´ political party] and indigenous organizations." Again, that is exactly the activity internal USAID documents aquired by Jerry Bigwood show. But of course only the Mexican La Jornada picked up on the story.
This anonymous AP stringer could have also mentioned that Quintana made these statements at an internaional solidarity summit in support of Evo´s democratic and constitutional government in Santa Cruz. Or that the 18 international organizations participating in this meeting officially called for Evo to be named the international voice advocate for indigenous peoples and be nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize. Little stuff like that.

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Bina said...

Christ almighty. This US meddling-in-Bolivia thing isn't even new. A known Cuban terrorist named Antonio Veciana, the "founder" of the ultra-violent, CIA-backed and -trained Alpha 66 group, was actually installed as a "financial analyst" for USAID--by the CIA--IN THE US EMBASSY IN BOLIVIA.

And he wasn't the last such spook, either. It's been going on unbroken since then. But the AP clearly has amnesia as well as a head up its ass, because it doesn't recall that, let alone see fit to mention it in such a relevant context!