Saturday, October 11, 2008

Corrupt press. What corruption?

Still wondering why press coverage of the Pando Massacre was/is so varied, contradictory, and difficult to sift through? As it turns out, a large portion of Pando's "journalists" on which Bolivia and the world relied to gain news as to what was go on only happen to have been payed off by Pando's former Prefect Leopoldo Fernández, now in prison for the massacre.

Government Minister Juan Ramón Quintana explains in this damning presentation who is who and payed what. Then watch as Bolivia's corporate press corps tries to ignore the allegations against their integrity during the Q&A, retorting with their own disgusting delusion that the widely distributed video showing campesinos being slaughtered in a river by Fernandez's goons was somehow doctored.

If I were running a western news outlet, I'd watch Quintana's presentation carefully and run the names cited past my list of stringers to see if there are any match ups. It would be really embarrassing for a news organization to be found having any connections with a man currently facing genocide charges.

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Bina said...

I'm still waiting for an English-language reporter to note that at least 30 people are dead at Porvenir. So far, the most they'll admit to is 18--killed in "fighting". How hard is it for them to say "massacre", "ambush" and "the prefect of Pando hired the assassins"?