Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Democracy back to the USA

I've been on a blogging break and was going to do several make up posts on Bolivia today but instead came across this Naomi Wolf interview and decided it was to important to sit on. This blog has been one of many working to expose coup plotters against democracy in Bolivia, its time to bring that back to the USA. If Naomi Wolf's concerns are ultimately proven false, we will all be happy to forgive her later, but now is not the time to sit on your ass!

She is not crazy:

Leahy Concerned about NorthCom’s New Army Unit
Matthew Rothschild, The Progressive


Anonymous said...

first time since 1907 that US military has patrolled our streets? Wow
people in New Orleans today would be surprised to hear that. They are
still there because New Orleans has asked them to stay to help while
police are trained.

She equates illegal immigrants picked up entering the US to mass
arrests. That has been happening for a while too.

They had better hurry up!! only 25 days to election of Obama and people
seem more angry with bailout than fearful.

Bina said...

The far right loves to claim that feminists are destroying America. But this is one feminist who's doing her damnedest to save it...from the far right. And she sure knows how to lay her case out--not a hysterical emotionalism in the lot. Just solid facts and sound solutions. Great work, Naomi, keep it up!

mgrace said...

Nice to have you back, Dude. In your absence it was my MOM(!) who pointed this video out to me earlier this week.

Otto Rock said...

Good to se you back, eldude

Anonymous said...

Where is Chavez? The price of oil is down to $86 a barrel. Shouldnt he be declaring war on the King of Spain or something? I live in Louisiana and these high oil prices have inflated our budgets. our unemployment is still less than 4% while the rest of the US is at 7%. We finally have some money to use fix damage to our levees caused by the Hurricane and rotten Corps of Engineer design. So I say were is Chavez's mouth that we could count on for a $15 boost in prices? Does he have laryngitis? We could send doctors....

A. Richoux