Friday, October 10, 2008

Patrick Henry was a violent hate monger

In the valiant defense of human rights (sticking it to despicable faux rights organizations "undermining capitalism" such as Human Rights Watch) the Human Rights Foundation (HRF) has finally issued a scathing report exposing the "appalling" rabble rousing oratory "defending racial hatred" against the British Empire of a man "literally calling on the people of his nation to choose between his political agenda and death." "In direct violation of article 13 of the American Convention of Human Rights, which prohibits any propaganda for war or racial hatred", Patrick Henry spoke before his fellow countrymen during a time of great political confrontation, saying "Give me Liberty or give me Death!". A call HRF deplores as "threatening freedom of the press and inciting conflict", rightly insinuating Henry's discourse in the spread of political conflict resulting in 5 deaths during an incident known as the "Boston Massacre".

The young HRF has shown great courage in advocating for human rights in the 13 British colonies, also reminding the public and international community that these include the sacred individual right to own 350,000 acres of land while exploiting slave labor. Surely, contemporary advocates of human freedom would be lost without the Human Rights Foundation's sober and reassuring voice.


Otto Rock said...

That's cheating, he was white.

El Duderino said...

You got me Otto. But hey, race is a relative term anyways.

Otto Rock said...

HRF...that's Alek Boyd, no?

El Duderino said...

Thor Halvorssen is the director, but I've read Alek Boyd in their bylines. What do you know about him?

Otto Rock said...

a really un-nice person. borev has plenty of history about him. Poor little Caracas rich boy who works out of London, a real warped individual who fantasizes about killing Chávez.

Bina said...

Alek Boyd is a violent Pinochetist. (I'm not shitting, he actually SAID "Where's our Pinochet?" and fantasized about killing Chavez.)

As for Thor Halvorsen, he's a little oligarchic douchebag whose great life ambition is to...drumroll please...OVERTHROW CHAVEZ USING CRAPAGANDA. Never did an honest day's work in his life; hence this toy foundation. It's his bay-bee. I lampooned him with a limerick once--here 'tis:

Clicky da linky

I'd clerihew the bum, but I don't know anything that convincingly rhymes with "Halvorsen".

Boyd, now...void, 'roid, annoyed...the possibilities are limitless!

Stop me before I rhyme again!!!