Wednesday, October 22, 2008


It has been noted far and wide, Evo is a badass. And I have some pictures to prove it. This Dude made sure he was present for one of the most historic days in Bolivian history, when the Bolivian people finally got their constitution past the last oligarchic roadblock. It´s on bitches! Ain´t no one going to stop this train now! January 25th people.

The day of the ninteenth began with the ponchos rojos (here CSUTCB) entering La Paz from the march and later in the afternoon the Plaza Murrillo with Evo and everyone else following. For any idiots out there who think the ponchos rojos are vicious racists, please explain why they were more than happy to have me (one of the whitest gringos around) hang out with them all day and shoot the shit. Although, I guess I need to confess that I don´t think joking about what jackass former US ambassador Goldberg is as "anti-american" or "racist".

Evo enters surrounded by everyone and their granma.

some of the 300,000! who filled into Plaza Murrillo and the surrounding streets

more fools telling the douchebag opposition in Congress what is up.

There where literally Bolivians from every part of this supposed "divided" country. Here representing the Santa Cruz Plan 3000, fresh from defending their homes against fascist thugs. The marchers turned the Plaza into one giant party, going for 20 hours! Music, dancing, revolution. I stopped taking pictures when it got dark which is too bad because I got within ten feet of Evo´s tent and he waived(!) at me when I did a little dancing. You have to give respect to Evo and his supporters who stayed through the night, I crapped out about 2am. Even though it´s spring, La Paz still gets very cold in the night. No easy feat.

Next day, waiting for Congress (above) to finish approval.
Evo right before announcing passage of the referendum.
You guys seriously have no idea how popular Evo is right now. That was honestly one of the most exhilerating and beautiful experiences of my life. Not only does this march and demonstration mark the truimph of the new constitution after two years of struggle but it is also marks the demise of the contemporary opposition and "Media Luna". The fascists lost, suck it haters.


Otto Rock said...

Some guys get all the cool assignments ;-)

good stuff dude

Bina said...

The links aren't working--too many "http"s.

But yeah, how about that Evo. The old-order ginks must all be giving themselves hernias over him. No wonder they had to call for term limits; without them, he'd be indefinitely re-elected, at the rate things are going. Can't have THAT!

Richoux said...

It seems like a good compromise. Both sides get something. Evo gets another term. The large land owners get to keep their land. Seccion IV Derecho a la Propiedad - says.... 1) no expropriation of rural/agricultural land for not meeting the social function and 2) that urban land cannot be reverted to the State.This is a huge change in the CPE - as prior the determination of 'social function' was determined by the State. Also the limits on land ownership will not be retroactive. So if you own alot of land before this new constitution takes effect, you will continue to own it.

Evo gets control of the direction of development of national resources, departments and natives on historic land get to control the bulk of the funds from these resources. Also departments get the right to legislate, which institutionalizes much of the autonomies advances as part of the Bolivian state. The new draft of the CPE recognizes significant degrees of autonomy for municipalities, indigenous communities, and most strongly departments.

Congress will have to approve adjustments to the constitution by 2/3 vote instead of the 50% that President Morales demanded.

The new branch of government for "social control" of public agencies the MAS was insisting on will become an "advisory council."

I have to say it seems that UNASUR seems to have come through on this compromise. Lula and Bachelet put the hammer down.

El Duderino said...

Lula and Bachelet putting their foot down... You mean like when Bachelet hosted the UNASUR meeting resoundingly condemning the "civil coup" plot or how the Brazilian military is coordinated with the Bolivian military from La Paz the hunt for Fernández´s goons?

Richoux said...

I was thinking more along the lines that the wanted peace so that gas continues to flow with out any pressure was put on both sides to make that happened.

It shows the advantages of a group like UNASUR made up of parties with a strong economic interest instead of OAS where you have members like the US which only care about Bolivia at all because of the coca.

El Duderino said...

It is clear that all the pressure both domestic and international (minus the US) was on the opposition to concede and accept MAS concessions.

In the middle of Evo´s victory speech he broke stride to mention a text Linera had just received stating that the Comite Pro Santa Cruz had rejected the legislative passage of the constitutional referendum. He then pointed to the international delegates from UNASUR, OAS, and EU standing on the Presidential Palace balconey and said (paraphrased), "what does this mean? That they are not willing to negiotate in good faith and are enemies of democracy and the patria", to which I saw the international delegates nod their heads in agreement with Evo.

Richoux said...

But then why did MAS concede on so much? If they intended to concede on this much, then why did they wait until they seemed to be in a stronger position? From the people I know in the Comite Pro Santa Cruz, the worst they can say about the new version of the CPE is that it is not perfect but they can work with it. They were all ready to reflexively attack it. It gives them pretty much all the amendments they were asking for at the Constituyente.

Opposition got compromise on:
1)no expropriation of land for not meeting social function
2)land ownership limits will not be applied retroactively
3)strong degree of departmental and municipal autonomy
4)departments to keep much of the funds from natural resources, while evo maintains control of development of those resources
5) 2/3 vote to change constitution
6) santa cruz gets increased representation based on population growth
7)new branch of gov't for "social control" will now only be advisory.

If you dont think it was pressure from UNASUR, then what caused this turnabout?