Friday, October 10, 2008

Reuter's gives us the otherside of Santa Cruz

Remember how the fascist Santa Cruz Youth Union made its first English language press appearance in a Patrick McDonnell LATimes' article on the death of a unionista from an alleged "ambush" by Morales supporters in Tiquipaya, Santa Cruz. Well, Reuters has published the honest account of one US journalist with the town's residents during the "Battle of Tiquipaya", giving us what it looked like on the other side. Kudos again Reuters!

Hat Tip: The Scarlet Pimpernel


Bina said...

Well, he tried. But 85% of Santa Cruz did not vote for "autonomy", the so-called referendum was illegal--and the ballot boxes were stuffed, while anti-fascists were disenfranchised and intimidated away from the polls. That much is known, and at the very least, it deserves a mention, even if only in the form of "Morales supporters challenge this contention, saying...".

I think it's a commendable effort but he still has some homework to do.

El Duderino said...

You're right Bina. The editors should have cleaned it up prior to publishing, but the honest on the spot reporting is what's valuable.

Bina said...

It's Reuters. It's just like all the other English wire services. The editors don't clean that up because they agree with the crapaganda (and some of them are probably CIA plants, too). They really do believe that Santa Cruz wants separatism. When in fact it's only a small bunch of city folk and big land-owners.