Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Special note on spooks

Otto at Inca Kola News caused a bit of commotion when he exposed a CIA spook monitoring the blog of an uppity Peace Corps volunteer. Then Down South stepped up and noted that he has had special visitors as well. So I guess I need to say that this blog has also had interesting visitors, but it is nothing new and has been going on for some time now. I don't even get excited finding certain IP addresses on Sitemeter anymore.

As with the editorial desks of news outlets, the whole range of US government employee websurfers are welcome to use this crappy blog as a resource, especially if you are some disguised peacenik working to take the Man down from the inside. All I ask from bored US bureaucrats wasting their timeclocks away steaming at Evo's "communism" is that they conduct themselves with a certain amount of dignity, because I will expose those who post incediary and disinformation comments- as this jackass did on the Ron Larsen post. I will not let this blog's comment sections devolve through harassment from "anonymous" commentators as Jim Schultz let his go.

Last thing. One of the more humorous past visits was the Pentagon's apparent interest in Bolivia's female wrestlers. (I shit you not!) Do you ever wonder why the US government seems so interested in Bolivia's internal politics? Seriously, what could these people possibly do to harm the US? As Otto said, "Threaten to destabilize democracy by halting supplies of alpaca knitwear?" Just knock it off, would ya'. Truly, all Bolivians want from the US is to be treated with some basic respect. Is that too much to ask?


Bina said...

I got a rather threatening comment from someone calling himself "CIA" on my latest post, but I think it's a false alarm. His IP address was out of Yorkshire, England.

mgrace said...

I think they've probably got faster Net connections in Europe, so maybe Langley is outsourcing now? said...

Well said!
I have never checked to see who is visiting me. Truth is, I don't even know how. I think I would be kind of flattered if they did.
As for Jim's blog, I recommended several months ago to him that he put the screening of at least having approval rights on, but I guess he wanted people to be adults. Anymore that seems a lot to ask.

mgrace said...

It's a shame what happened over at BfB. I've only commented there a couple of times, and was immediately attacked by anonymous evil people.
Although I wish I had that problem on my blog. More comments, that is!

Should be interesting in La Paz tomorrow (Monday) as the pro-Morales march gets into town. I was talking to my landlord and a cabbie today as I was leaving town, and there's supposed to be 15,000 campesinos moving in overnight. Unfortunately,I will not be there. I'm in Puno, Peru, right now, heading into Cuzco.