Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Get Goni

Hey Democratic Staffers and other notables! Awesome job on winning the Presidency for Obama. A lot of work ahead cleaning up that mess Bush left, no? You all want to know a SUPER easy way to instanly improve US relations with Bolivia and the entire South American continent at practically no cost to youselves! Fulfill Bolivia´s extradition resquest for their fugitive ex-President Gonzalo Sanchez de Lozada.
BoRev can fill you in on the backstory. Basically, "Goni" is a bad man, killed a lot of people, and is surrounded by huge jackasses. You might already be familiar with one of them, Greg Craig. We all think you should ditch his advice on Bolivia and instead listen to this other fellow, who talks about how things have "changed" in Latin America and how the US has to be "realistic". I know, crazy talk! but it could work, so please try.

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Andrew Crosson said...

more less than inspiring news on the new US administration. Obama has made your favorite, Greg Craig, the new White House Counsel. So don't expect any positive changes in Bolivia policy from a now clearly pro-Goni&co. Presidency. Bummer